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Club Bylaws

Club Bylaws and Membership

The Club invites Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) members in good standing to join us.

AMA Full members are welcome as DCRC Adult Members and pay annual dues ($85 in 2020-2021), have a vote in Club business, and can serve as a Club Director and/or Officer. The Club requires that Park Pilot and Trial members of AMA upgrade to Full AMA membership before becoming eligible to join DCRC. Spouses of DCRC Adult Members can join the Club as non-voting, dues-free Associate Members, provided they meet the AMA membership requirement.

AMA Youth members - 18 years old and under - are welcome to join DCRC as Junior Members. Junior Members pay reduced dues ($15 in 2020-2021), do not vote in Club affairs, and cannot serve as a Club Director or Officer. Junior Member dues are waived for the sons and daughters of DCRC Adult Members.

The agreement with Montgomery Parks under which DCRC operates Walt Good Field specifies that the Club verify the proficiency of RC pilots who will use the field unsupervised and that they have active liability insurance. The Club therefore requires that such pilots be current members of AMA (either Full or Youth) and pass a Pilot Proficiency Test (PPT) administered by a DCRC Designated Pilot Proficiency Test Conductor. There are separate PPTs for airplane, helicopter, and multirotor pilots.

Club Members must comply with DCRC Field & Flight Rules and the Club Constitution & Bylaws.